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All out assaults on Christmas by liberals with nothing better to do

Friday, December 16, 2005

Boy oh boy. This year the all out assaults on Christian traditions have been all out this year. Thanks to my old man for putting this together.
Consider....Red poinsettias were banned from Ramsey County Courthouse in St. Paul (watch the ACLU go after that city's name!) Minnesota because someone found it to be a "Christian symbol".Pittsburgh renamed the Christmas Season, "Sparkle Days". How preposterous is that?! Are they daft? Are they insane? Were they drunk on eggnog?The Independent School District of Plano Texas banned red and green clothes from being worn at their school "winter break" parties. Nor were they permitted to write "Merry Christmas" to soldiers in Iraq.In Rochester, Minnesota two 13-year old girls were suspended for wearing red and green scarves and saying "Merry Christmas" in a school video.In Connecticut, a library refused to display paintings of Jesus' Nativity and Resurrection as part of a rotating display of local art.In Queens NY, a school district that allowed a menorah and Islamic star & crescent, refused to allow a child to display a Nativity scene.The Indiana University School of Law removed their Christmas tree and replaced it with a generic winter scene.Hanover Township, NJ, the school district attempted to outlaw Christmas carols at school concerts.In Maplewood, NJ, a school banned purely instrumental Christmas music.Central Michigan University warned Christians that Christmas may be offensive within the workplace; but a similar warning was not issued to nonChristians for observances of their respective holidays.A soldier before deployment to Afghanistan simply wished to hang an ornament that said "God bless America" on the Wisconsin State "Holiday" tree.(He should have known better - God in MADISON?? Please!)Also in Wisconsin, an elementary school there has eradicated all religious references from "Silent Night", replacing the time-honored song with winter weather-themed lyrics.In Baldwin City, Kansas, a public school had a long tradition of having a member of the community come to the school dressed up as Santa to visit the elementary school children. That is, until the ACLU stepped in.
When are people going to realize that Christians are not trying to persecute people simply because Christmas has the word Christ in it? This is just more evidence that liberals will use whatever interpretation of the first amendment they need to ruin someone else's day.
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